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North Britany


Where to sail around Saint-Malo ?

Discover North Brittany as you have never seen before: by the sea. Take off on one of our boats and let yourself be guided to the most beautiful places in Brittany. This small corner of paradise is full of islands all more beautiful than others (Brehat, the archipelago of Chausey, the legendary Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey, etc ...). But Brittany it is also many small ports on the coast that will charm you (St Malo, Paimpol, Perros-Gurrec, etc ...). Do not wait any longer !

The island of Sark is a stop not to be missed: in the rain or under a blazing sun, it will leave you with unforgettable memories. Bathed by the currents, it is joined from Guernsey by the channel of the great Russel by following exactly the instructions of the coastal pilots. 2 moorings allow to spend a serene night on buoy (about fifteen buoys by anchorage): Le Havre Gosselin in the West and the strike of the city to the East. We do not strongly recommend anchoring at Sercq, as untimely slippages are frequent due to the lack of funds.
Access to the island is via steep coastal paths, the island is indeed surrounded by a large cliff. On land there is no road traffic: the only vehicles allowed are tractors, carriages and bicycles. It is also strongly recommended to rent 2 wheels to discover the island (possibility to rent at attractive rates at AB Cycle). We can then walk the paths of the island, put his bycicle and go down to discover beautiful coves.es par la végétation.


The photos speak for themselves: Chausey is a fantastic landscape, with moving decorations, a marnage and impressive currents. At low tide they are rocks and sandbars as far as the eye can see, between which snake arms of sea where the connoisseur can sneak and reach the heart of the archipelago, in incredible anchorages.


At high tide there are a few moorings sheltered depending on the direction of the wind, but it is often better to join the sund to spend a quiet night on the dead bodies ...



Jersey is nicknamed "the island of flowers". It is an interesting destination because about 30 miles from Saint Malo (5/6 hours for a 35 feet), you find yourself in England, with all the atmosphere that goes with: language, culture, pubs (attention the tomorrows can be difficult ...), change of scenery guaranteed!


East of the island is the anchorage of Gorey. It is relatively sheltered and is rather advisable for the day, or in calm weather. Integral sailing dinghies will be better accommodated by being stranded on the sand and will be able to spend the night there in all serenity. Gorey is a place apart from Jersey, where you can enjoy a beautiful beach, away from the big city of St Helier ...



The Malouins always enjoy passing the lock of the dam to go to draw some edges in Rance. The green banks of the river and its nice anchorages with picturesque villages like St-Suliac will surprise you. Purists will appreciate the technical side of the navigation, with laughter at the passage of spikes, areas of calm, currents more or less strong in some places. The only drawback of this river comes from the tidal power plant which filters the entrance of the sailboats with a lock too small. The airlocks are made at fixed times, with a restriction in the summer over a certain time slot in order to make traffic on the dam more fluid.


Do not hesitate to enter the Rance on your navigation program.You can also forecast this destination in case of bad weather, to navigate in protected waters.


Guernsey is very different from Jersey's neighbor: smaller and less populated, it feels more quiet, more peaceful. Do not hesitate to rent a vehicle to really explore the island for 2 to 3 days. But beware, the streets are very narrow, and driving on the left always surprises on the first kilometers. During the trip we park the vehicle to take the coastal paths, which sometimes lead to fabulous strikes nestled below the cliffs, out of sight. The cove of Huet mill is one of those jewels that you should not miss: after 10 minutes of walking under the branches you will discover an exceptional site, with a small bistro where it is good to enjoy a beer on the terrace. Guernsey is also the festival of the port, which takes place every year at the end of July: high crowds on the port, contest of crazy dive, jousting, concert, and party in the pubs until the end of the night. Guernsey is finally a small island full of charm, where you can visit the house of Victor Hugo, political exile. And of course it's a multitude of strikes and beautiful beaches, including the beautiful Pembroke Bay, north of the island.