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Location voilier Chausey

Many dream destinations from Saint-Malo

Brittany is an idyllic and often unknown destination. Populated with many islands and bordered by fantastic wild coasts, Northern Brittany is full of unexplored treasures. Depending on your desire to get away, several programs are possible : route in the Channel Islands, coasting on the Brittany or even navigation in inside waters.

Because renting a boat is good, but knowing the ideal places is better ! The Channel is a "playground" which has the merit of having an incredible diversity of landscapes, fauna and animals. Some islands are protected but many of them are still accessible, to the delight of nature lovers : dolphins, seals, birds, seagulls but also traditional lobsters, crabs and spider crabs.

Northern Brittany is also an opportunity to navigate the strongest currents in Europe. A incredible experience that you can't live without. Indeed, at low tide and at high tide, the water difference can reach almost 10 meters ! Enough to change an entire landscape...

Vue aérienne de Saint-Malo

Our selection of North Brittany's treasures

In sailingboat or in motorboat, do not hesitate any longer and rent a boat without further delay to discover these extraordinary landscapes as you can see on postcards. If you have not yet defined your program, our team puts all its experience at your disposal and has concocted an overview of the must-see places in North Brittany, to make your holidays with Saint-Malo Sailing unique and unforgettable.

Ile de Bréhat
Ile Brehat


Exceptional beauty for this natural archipelago which changes face at low tide. Palm trees, fig trees, passionflowers, agaves... A real microclimate !

Ile d'Aurigny
Ile Aurigny


Real little haven of peace, its turquoise waters make its beaches wonderful. A small green oasis not far from our French coasts.

Ile de Herm
Ile Herm


Protected from tourists, this charming island faces Guernsey. A timeless stop not to be missed. Change of scenery guaranteed !

Aber Benoit
Aber Benoit

Aber Benoît

Northern Brittany is also the discovery of these arms of the sea advancing inland. The Aber Benoît is certainly one of the most impressive.

Ile des Scilly
Ile Scilly

Archipel des Scilly

What a stop ! A majestic archipelago due to its soft climate and its beachs bordered by blue lagoons. Amazing...

Ile de Guernesey
Ile Guernesey


One of the most famous Channel Islands, which lives up to its title. With a real port to shelter in, the tour of the island is amazing.

Le Trieux
Le Trieux

Le Trieux

A navigation on a river whose beauty we do not suspect. Peaceful and protected, it offers navigators an atypical landscape.

Ile de Cezembre
Ile Cezembre


Located in the heart of the Emerald Coast and facing south, it is possible to calmly contemplate the coast from the bar located on the beach on the island.

Ile de Sercq
Ile Sercq


True jewels of the British crown, this island exclusively reserved for pedestrians is of great botanical richness. A must see !



Pretty little port nestled in greenery oasis, the history of Dahouët is closely linked to local fishing. Nice step to your plan.

Ile des Ebihens
Ile Ebihens

Les Ébihens

A private island in northern Brittany, the island of Ébihens is a protected natural site for its fauna and flora. Languages of sand and turquoise waters are on the program.

La Rance
La Rance

La Rance

The discovery of inland waters by the Rance is an alternative to the high seas not to be forgotten. Peaceful and lush, it displays beautiful landscapes.

Iles Chausey
Ile Chausey

Archipel de Chausey

With nearly 365 islets at low tide and around 52 at high tide, this archipelago is a real little corner of paradise: Dolphins, seals, etc.

Fort La Latte
Fort La Latte

Fort la Latte

An amazing site, a breathtaking panorama, a remarkable castle. There is no shortage of superlatives to describe this incredible fortress.



Known for oyster culture, its small fishing port in the heart of the old town is a gift of nature. The view of the bay is breathtaking !



Located on the banks of the Kingsbridge estuary, Salcombe is one of the prettiest towns in southern England. Well worth the detour.

Plage de l'ile Vierge
Plage de l'ile Vierge

L'île Vierge

Unknown beach to the public, this heavenly place is unique. The cameras will be out to immortalize this discovery.

Ile de Wight
Ile Wight


Classified as an area of exceptional beauty, this diamond-shaped island has white cliffs that offer adventurers a unique and stunning landscape.

Ile de Molene
Ile Molene


An island that looks like no other, and depending on the time of day or the viewpoints, does not even look like the idea we thought we had of it.

Ile de Sein
Ile Sein


The smallest of the Ponant islands, Sein is an island subject to severe weather which has forged a reputation and a character that you will not forget.

Ile Jersey
Ile Jersey


It is certainly the most British of the Channel Islands. Dynamic in its center but calm on its coast, Jersey is a surprising island...

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